Can't log on to GDM as root under SuSe 6.4. All other users work fine.

Installed 1.2 from HelixCode yesterday.  The install went flawlessly
except for the fact that I can not log into gdm as root.  With KDE/xdm I
had no problem logging in as root.  And of source I can still login as
root in a virtual console or su to root in a terminal.

"gdm.conf" has "AllowRoot=1".
"root" home directory is not group or world writable.

I saw several posts with the same problem on SuSe 6.3/6.4 but no
solution posted.  I have gone through the PAM docs and config files and
gdm is setup exactly the same as login.  I suspect, because root is only
permitted to login to the console, that the gdm login is being denied
because the gdm login is not being recognized as a console login.  I
definitely don't want to allow root logins from anywhere.

Any ideas?  Email responses if possible.


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