Re: Silence & control-panel sound capplet crash

On Sun, Oct 29, 2000 at 01:58:38AM +1100, Rich Churcher wrote:
> Dennis Bjorklund <dennisb cs chalmers se> writes:
> > To trouble is that
> > it didn't work. The speakers where sparkling and makeing noices.
> Just out of curiosity, can anyone explain why it is that those
> crackling noises are present?  Not just with short samples either,
> although I do find they occur particularly at the beginning or end of
> a sound.  A mild annoyance at worst, just wondered what caused them.

I find it annoying also.
I've noticed that it corespondes with hard drive activity. I have no idea
why, tho.  (You could try the gnome-sound-list if you don't get an answer.)

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