Re: Gnome on Solaris 8 w/depot

hmm.  I don't use depot, and spend a good amount of time compiling,
testing, and packaging GNOME for Solaris8/X86.  I haven't had any
problems building gnome, other than the regular Solaris-isms that
I have to fix (I don't use LD_LIBRARY_PATH..., so I have to manually
add -R<libdir> to the packages which haven't accepted my patches
to correctly build automatically for Solaris).

From: Bryan Whitehead <driver rccacm org>

I'm having tons of trouble getting gnome working on Solaris 8. I'm >trying the "stable" source from

The main problem is it can't find the system menu's, or icons, etc. >IS there anyway I can tell GNOME thru the enviroment vars where to >look?

I've read allot of FAQ's and am getting no-where... :(

Did you read Paul Barnfathers page? check out or my page at


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