RE: [Thanks for Atlanta, next stop Las Vegas?]

Just so you know: The Linux Business Expo in Las Vegas is being held in
conjunction with Comdex - one of the grandaddys of high-tech shows.
Registration for Comdex gets you in to  LBE and a couple of other vertical

This year, over 2,000 exhibitors,10,000 new products and 200,000 attendees
from over 100 countries will participate in this event.  The 2000 edition
targets three major groups, the enterprise and small/medium business users
and the channel. COMDEX/Fall represents every major and emerging technology,
and the conferences focuses on five key technology themes in 2000 which are
Information Appliances, Network Technologies, Platforms, E-Commerce and
Digital Media.  There will be several hundred media and analysts in
attendance as well.

What that means is that we have the opportunity to reach an audience we
don't normally have the chance to reach.  While I doubt that we'll see all
200,000 attendees, people do come over to the LBE from the main Comdex
floor, particularly since the show is so long.  We need to have a core team
of enthusiastic, knowledgeable people. 

If we had two or three people at the booth at all times, we'd be able to
cover most of them.  

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       I have heard that helix is to go with a full hacker team to the show.
       This make me wonder how are helix/GNOME booths going to communicate,
       i.e. what is GNOME booth going to show if helix is going to demo
       the same (HElix GNOME). A good scheme should be found to enable both
       to be present. I'm afraid that people will only go to the Helix booth
       and forget about the GNOME one...
We did not have a problem at LWE/San Jose in getting traffic to the GNOME
booth at the .org pavilion, even though both Helix Code and Eazel had busy
spiffy booths there.  There was a problem, however, in that most of the 
hackers were at the company booths and there were no GNOMErs at the GNOME 
booth to give demos or answer technical questions until nearly the end of 
the show.

Any volunteers for the GNOME booth in the Linux Community Hub at COMDEX?
It is the perfect opportunity not only to promote GNOME, but also spread
the word about the GNOME Foundation.  The exhibit runs Mon. Nov. 13th - 
Fri. Nov. 17th  in Las Vegas.  It would be helpful to schedule people in 
minimum two hour's a long, busy show with lots of newbies!

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