Re: Performance on the Linux platform

Ian Peters wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 03:17:10AM +1100, Jason Stokes wrote:
> >
> > Anyone noticed that a gmc process never exits when you choose "exit"
> > from the menu?  It just sticks around taking up memory and a process
> > table entry forever. Bug?
> No.  If you really want to make the gmc process die, you should go to
> Commands->Exit.  gmc is designed to stick around because it's intended
> to manage your desktop icons.  The "correct" way to run it is to have
> gmc started in your session, and then just create and destroy
> different views/windows, but always leave the process running.

Ok, if that's the case why is it possible to start a new instance of gmc
via the footprint menu?  The user isn't going to be care about the
different ways a new window can be created.  If you choose "Close
Window" from the file menu, and the gmc process was only managing one
window, it still runs but you've now lost any way to interact with it,
and have to kill it with a signal, assuming the user understands such
things.  This is not the ideal way for a GUI program to work.

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