Re: Reply to author! [Re: Prioritisation of Gnome components/apps/utils]

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Himanshu Gohel wrote:

> Shane OConnor - Sun Ireland - Desktop Applications So114533 Middleware -
> Software Engineer wrote:
> > I'm testing the Gnome componenets/apps (e.g. gedit, emacs, gcalc, etc) and 
> > am trying to prioritise these Gnome components/apps into set groups based 
>  <snip>
> > If anyone has a preference for certain components to fall into a particular
> > category please drop me aline - this way i'll be getting a more realistic
> Please note the poster has asked for a personal reply...please do
> not post your reply to the list...there will be a flood of email!
> Thanks for being considerate.

I did not interpret 'drop me aline' as 'send me a personal reply' - Sorry.
> And I agree with the poster who asked for the reason...Shane is posting
> from Sun, and it would be useful to know if this info is for Sun, or
> is he asking as a GNOME developer...just for curiosity's sake.

He is asking for Sun. Sun is dedicating engineers to do testing on GNOME 
which is a good thing!!! They are probably doing this to prioritize apps 
for their testing purposes. They will probably file bug reports, do 
usability testings, etc. which not many developers do!!! They may also 
fix some bugs (but give them time, they are probably still trying to get 
oriented to this whole GNOME thing).

I believe we should just stop being paranoid because they are - 
If they are helping out, then cool!

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