Re: Gnome Toolbar

Corrado wrote:

> This problem occurred on my Mandrake 7.1: a few days ago, I logged in as
> user and found out on the Gnome bar there were no sign of the running
> applications, so, if I choose to iconify one of them, it disappear... If
> I log in as root, all is okay...
> Any ideas?

It sounds like your tasklist applet crashed.  If you saved the setup at
some point after it crashed, it was no longer part of your setup.  You
can just add it back to your panel and make a point to save your session
when next you log out (and not saving your session if it crashes again
in the future).

The tasklist applet seems to have had some stability problems lately.  A
number of people have reported this, and I've noticed it myself.

-Mark Gordon

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