Future Idea (waywayway future)

It would be very cool to have an animated background for a desktop or window. I
was envisioning something like the water01.jpg from the gnome share dir. that
would ripple like your looking at the bottom of a pool.(whole screen, unlike
the desktop effects) I envision that animated background could first be
implemented inside of windows such as the gnome terminal. And as
computers/graphicscards get more powerful, the whole desktop. Other ideas would
be to have a screen full of gears that rotate or even some type of ever
changing scenery of landscape, much like a ride in the country as viewed out of
a car window, maybe even the front window. It could use mpeg2 HiDef video as a
source, (1980x1080) but only at a few frames per second or even as slow as a
frame a minute.

I'm sure that computers and graphics cards are a little slow atm and such an
implementation would be such a memory hog right now, (particularly for my
1600x1200 display) but I thought I'd throw it up for discussion since the list
seems to be slow today...

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