Re: UnTaring files

> Hi,
> I am a confessed nubie to Linux using RedHat 6.2.  I am having a hard
> installing (configure/make/make install) tarred files. 

For a complete newbie I recomend using RPM's as I know balsa is availabe
in an rpm.

For most users the tarballs are a waste of time and energy, sure you get
the source code, but what good is that to a newbie?  Do you really plan
to extend balsa this week?  So downlaod the rpm, save them in some
directort, su to root (as in type su at a promt, and then enter the root
password when asked), cd top the directory where the rpm is and type:

rpm -Uhv rpmfilenamehere.rpm

The -Uhv basically tells the systrm to Upgrade package rpmfilenamehere,
and if it does not already exist on your system to simple install it,
for a bonus it will give an indication of it's progress on the trminal


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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