gnorpm-0.95.1 compiling error

I am trying to compile gnorpm-0.95.1-4.src.rpm on my RH7 box from alan's
ftp site which suppose to have support for rpm4. Gnorpm can't find

checking for BZ2_bzread in -lbz2... yes
checking for dbopen... no
checking for db_create in -ldb-3.1... yes
checking for db_185.h... no
checking for db1/db.h... yes
checking for poptGetContext in -lpopt... yes
checking for Fopen in -lrpmio... no
checking for rpmRunTransactions in -lrpm... no
checking for rpmdbFindByTriggeredBy in -lrpm... no
checking for rpmdbOpen in -lrpm... no
configure: error: can't find librpm (usually in rpm-devel-package)

I have rpm-4.0-4, rpm-devel, rpm-build, and rpm-python installed on my

any ideas?

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