Re: Using gdm to launch KDE2

That did it!! Thank you!!


Pär Ekholm wrote:

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> Yes. It might be a solution which is nicer but here are mine: Go to
> /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions. There are a few files which handles the sessions you
> can select in gdm in the upper left. Create a new file in that directory
> (etc/X11/gdm/Sessions). You can copy one which is already there. And then
> rename it to what yoy want  (KDE2 for instance). Then open that file with
> some editor of choice. Edit the line "exec [whatever command]".  Write:
> exec  /usr/bin/startkde (or the command you have  in your path
> (/usr/local/kde2.0). Then save.  Start x and select KDE2 in sessions in gdm.
> Enjoy.  Pär.
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