Re: Problems compiling gnome 1.2

> 1) do I need to uninstall the October Gnome rpm's first, or will the
> Helix installer see, recognize, and replace/update them?

The Helix installer will recognize and replace/update your old RPM's.

> 2) will the Helix installer update me to the Gnome 1.2 STABLE release,
> or does it update to development versions of packages?  I want to run
> stable software, not bleeding edge development versions on this
> machine!  I noticed the go-gnome script says this is a preview release
> of Helix GNOME, so that is what has me confused on the stable/devel
> level.

Helix Gnome consists almost entirely of stable packages. I say almost
because sometimes they include an unstable package or two. Mind you, those
"unstable" packages aren't CVS snapshots but quite stable development

> 3)  Is this the way that future Gnome releases are going to be done -
> that Gnome's ftp site will only carry sources and that binary version
> will come from Helix?

Dunno about that. But I think what was done for 1.2 is a good plan.

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