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> The downside to doing this, of course, is that since the RPM system thinks
> you have a different version installed with different files,
> removing/upgrading core X RPMs from then on would be a problem.  But I
> to reinstall my whole system when Mandrake 7.1 comes out, which uses
> 4.x, so I don't see much of a problem with that.  And of course if the
> future X RPMs are written well, you should be able to upgrade without much
> hassle, even after you use the binary tarballs.
> It is common knowledge, however (well, I'm TOLD its common knowledge, but
> common knowledge really isn't my area ~,^ ) that the Rawhide RPMs don't
> for the majority of people.

Bullshit! I once used for my home computer a RawHide distribution (actually,
I just downloaded all the RawHide RPMS and manually upgraded a minimal
installation). Stop giving RedHat and Rawhide a bad name :) If it doesn't
work for you, then you obviously broke something ;)

Anyway, I use the XFree86 4.0 RPMS. They worked flawlessly from just
rpm -Uvh'ing - The only tip I can provide - Don't forget to run 'xf86cfg' -
I had to run it several times in order to get it 'just right' for my system.
I also then proceeded to install the NVidia drivers, and then I upgraded to
the latest kernel. It all works.

My recommendation: If you can't get XFree86 4.0 to run - don't run it (until
your distribution release STABLE packages). Or of course, you can switch to
another distro tha has the packages :) (SuSE 6.4)

> > I've noticed that XFree86 4.0 is out but not yet supported by RedHat in
> any
> > particular way.  I have noticed the existence of RPMs for XFree86 4.0 on
> > redhat's "rawhide" set of RPMs.  I have downloaded them and attempted to
> > upgrade my X installation and it might come to no surprise to a few out
> > there that this did not work and trashed my X installation.  I was
> > for good results but I didn't fully expect them.
> >
> > My question is, is there anyone out there (here) who has successfully
> > installed and is using XFree86 4.0 and are using it in conjunction with
> > Gnome?  If so, then did you use RPMs for install or did you get the
> > from
> >
> > I'm hopeful that someone out there can make a constructive suggestion or
> > guide me through something you've already succeeded at.
> >
> > Thanks.
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