Re: Too many epplets

* Glenn Valenta ( wrote:
> Since I normally don't reboot much it hasn't been much of a problem, but when
> I do reboot, when enlightenment starts, I get several duplicates of the
> epplets that I've been running.  While enlightement wasn't running, I have
> edited "...e_session-XXXXXX.snapshots.0 " and removed all the redundancy but
> it seems to make no difference. I have also tried resaving my settings but
> that also seems to have no effect. 
> Any Ideas?

You're running gnome-session and epplets. You probably didn't configure
epplets with --disable-auto-respawn. I'm trying to get package
maintainers to make gnome friendly binaries, but it's extra work for
them, so we can only hope...

Without this option, both E and gnome-session respawn your epplets,
causing a double-up each time.

Either tell gnome-session to trash epplets from the session, or
recompile epplets with the option above (which will just allow
gnome-session to do the respawn).

You'll need to hack all the duplicates out of
...e_session-XXXXXX.snapshots.0 again once you've done this.

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