File manager desktop device popups

This message started out as a question but I was able to figure out the
problem, so the message is now "If you have this problem here is the
solution that worked for me".

I had the problem that whenever I mounted a CD-ROM, a device icon would
be placed on my desktop for the CD-ROM, my ZIP drive, the floppy, and a
couple of NFS mounts that I have. I didn't want the icons on the desktop
so I deleted them only to have them reappear the next time I mounted
another CD-ROM. I had gone into Settings->Peripherals->CD Properties and
deslected "Open file manager window for newly mounted CD" and
"Automatically mount CD when inserted" in the Data CD's section. I
closed the properties box, then reopened it, and the "Open file manager
window for newly mounted CD" option was selected even though it was
disabled because the other option was deselected. I tried a number of
combinations but could not get the "Open file manager..." option to
remain deselected, and I still had the problem where mounting a CD
caused new device icons for my mountable devices to be displayed on the

The problem turned out to be pretty simple and 20/20 hindsight it makes
sense. I run gtcd to play audio CD's and in the CD Properties box I had
the "Run command when CD is inserted" checkbox in the Audio CD's section
selected. When I deselected this checkbox the "Open file manager..."
checkbox remained deselected and my problem went away. It makes sense
now; I needed gmc to remain blissfully unaware that I had moutned a CD,
but I had a checkbox selected that forced it to check so that it could
start my CD player when an audio CD was inserted.

Craig Cox
REA Computing, Inc.

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