Re: Dingus clicking requires Gnome restart to understand new settings

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 02:58:29PM +0800, Yusuf Goolamabbas wrote:
> Hi, I too instructions from Telsa Gywnne and modiffied dingus clicking
> to use Lynx instead of netscape. However, it seems that the change is
> visible only if I restart Gnome (ie logout and restart X Windows)
> When I made the changes, I saw them in ~/.gnome/Gnome and I thought that
> it would work for new gnome-terminals which used zvt but it didn't do so
> Is this appropiate behaviour ?

I'd guess that you already had a terminal opened (that you were
viewing ~/.gnome/Gnome with), and if you open your terminals from
launchers or the foot menu or so, then it gets started with the
command line

     gnome-terminal --use-factory --start-factory-server

which means that the "new" gnome-terminal window you got was actually
still running in the pid/proccess of the old one, so it was still
using the old values. (btw, its gnome-terminal that is calling
gnome_url_show, and gnome_url_show that is reading in your
~/.gnome/Gnome, no zvt here).

Plus, gnome_config_* caches queries, so your change might not have
been accessible immediately.  GConf should cover this issue better.

So, it seems normal, maybe not "appropriate", but you only had to do
it once right?  Not too harmful/annoying...

Hope that helps some,

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