RE: System administration with GNOME.

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> From: Sri Ramkrishna []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2000 10:16 PM
> To: Lauris Kaplinski
> Subject: Re: System administration with GNOME.
> > separate (xml?) file - imagine what it means for people 
> needing kickstart
> > installs etc.
> Ooooh, now thats my kind of thinking!  Being able to kickstart
> workstations and make a gnome configuration that is exactly 
> teh same as
> something else.  If something goes wrong we could just 
> rebuild a new one
> for a customer.

As long as it's done MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better (have I mentioned that
it needs to be better?) than the LinuxConf stuff.  That's absolutely
worthless, and totally tied to linux.  I'd love to be able to take down my
conf on a linux server, and bring it back up on my Solaris box, with fairly
minimal grief.

> > Writing (2) is probably trickiest part (sendmail!) - but if 
> we would have
> > well-designed (1), it is mostly mechanical work (read spec 
> and write yacc)
> Sendmail is standard on Unix machines.  However, you should also add
> support to postfix as well.  Won't the sources to sendmail 
> already contain
> the parser?  Otherwise how does it load up it's conf file?

Sendmail is a De-Facto standard on *nix machines.  Just because it's there
now, doesn't mean that we should exclude other things.  (not that you
suggested that)  qmail is in use by the largest consumer ISP in Portland,
Oregon USA, and I'll bet that it's going in a lot of other places.  I know
that Debian is running it, and probably RedHat (although their mailserver is
less broken, so I spend less time sifting the headers).

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