RE: System administration with GNOME.

> As long as it's done MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better (have I mentioned that
> it needs to be better?) than the LinuxConf stuff.  That's absolutely
> worthless, and totally tied to linux.  I'd love to be able to take down my
> conf on a linux server, and bring it back up on my Solaris box, with fairly
> minimal grief.

I agree.  I found linuxconf to be very unintuitive.  It was easier to work
with the files in /etc.

> Sendmail is a De-Facto standard on *nix machines.  Just because it's there
> now, doesn't mean that we should exclude other things.  (not that you

This is true.  But sendmail is/was open source and has been ported to a
lot of architectures if I recall.

> suggested that)  qmail is in use by the largest consumer ISP in Portland,
> Oregon USA, and I'll bet that it's going in a lot of other places.  I know

I'm assuming you're talking about teleport?  Never really cared much for
them.  I've been working primarily with aracnet who uses Linux/Solaris.  I
get good support from them for my Linux box. (heck I guess with solaris
too if I wanted it. :-)

> that Debian is running it, and probably RedHat (although their mailserver is
> less broken, so I spend less time sifting the headers).

I would have gone with FreeBSD as I find that they handle I/O a lot


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