Re: PNG's in Netscape using EOG

Loban Rahman wrote:
> I'm running the latest version of Netscape Navigator (4.72), and it is
> unable to display PNG images. Now I see two cases possible :
>         (1) It actually IS capable but I've got something configured
>             wrong (maybe deleting my .netscape folder will help).
>         (2) It isn't capable and I'll need to use some third party
>             application to display them.

Netscape will display png images, but it does not properly display
transparency in pngs.  If the image contains a lot of transparency, it
will be unrecognizable.

> I use Plugger (awesome program) to add numerous display capabilities to
> Netscape (xanim, mtv, etc.) I originally used GQView for PNG's (and TIFF's
> and a couple of others for that matter). GQView would display the PNG
> image in a seperate GQView window.
> However, I seem to recall reading somewhere that EOG (Eye of Gnome) is
> capable of displaying the image INSIDE the Netscape window. Does anyone
> know how I can do this, either using Plugger or without? Thanx.
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