PNG's in Netscape using EOG

I'm running the latest version of Netscape Navigator (4.72), and it is
unable to display PNG images. Now I see two cases possible :

	(1) It actually IS capable but I've got something configured
	    wrong (maybe deleting my .netscape folder will help).
	(2) It isn't capable and I'll need to use some third party
	    application to display them.

I use Plugger (awesome program) to add numerous display capabilities to
Netscape (xanim, mtv, etc.) I originally used GQView for PNG's (and TIFF's
and a couple of others for that matter). GQView would display the PNG
image in a seperate GQView window.

However, I seem to recall reading somewhere that EOG (Eye of Gnome) is
capable of displaying the image INSIDE the Netscape window. Does anyone
know how I can do this, either using Plugger or without? Thanx.

	= L 

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