Re: Urgent: GNOME booth at LinuxTag 2000

Christian Schaller wrote:
> Hi, we are having a Trade Show here in Norway on the 4-6 april. We have
> gotten sponsorship and will be making 1000 cdroms of Gnome software (Made
> by Ole Aamot and Copyleft) and some HQ Gnome posters. I expect a lot of
> CD-roms will be left over (we are a small country :) and of course the
> posters. If you are interested I send it to you as soon as we are finished.
> If you need help maning the booth let me know, I can probably come down.

If you can afford that, it would be fine.  This year the exibition
is more international oriented so a whole talk track is held in english.


	LinuxTag 2000 Team

PS: If gnome-* are subscriber-post-only, please forward since I'm
    subscribed with a different address.

All language designers are arrogant.  Goes with the territory...
	-- Larry Wall

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