Urgent: GNOME booth at LinuxTag 2000

We need promotional material for the GNOME booth at LinuxTag 2000.
This is the largest Linux show in Europe, after all.

And it's urgent. I would like to have all the material at hand here in
Germany by June 1st so I've got the rest of the month to organise.

We need:
- GNOME T-shirts (20+)
- GNOME posters (enough to decorate the booth, a dozen maybe)
- Glossy GNOME leaflets (1000 maybe)
- GNOME CDs (if possible)
- GNOME stickers (thousands)
- ...

If some supporting corporation (Red Hat? Helix?) can provide this
material, fine. If not, we need money by some GNOME sponsor to have
posters, leaflets etc. printed. If we get surplus money, we can have
other merchandise produced: GNOME biros, GNOME rubbers, GNOME pocket
protectors, whatever you want. :)

If anyone decides to give money for the booth, do so at once,
because having all this stuff made will take time. I'll have a bank
account set up in that case.

Should any of the merchandise go unused, it can be reused at any other
show where GNOME has got a booth, so give freely. <grin>

If anyone of you knows any company in Germany that would be interested
in sponsoring our booth, please give me pointers. We need to get in
gear ASAP.


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