Re: Urgent: GNOME booth at LinuxTag 2000

Hi, we are having a Trade Show here in Norway on the 4-6 april. We have
gotten sponsorship and will be making 1000 cdroms of Gnome software (Made
by Ole Aamot and Copyleft) and some HQ Gnome posters. I expect a lot of
CD-roms will be left over (we are a small country :) and of course the
posters. If you are interested I send it to you as soon as we are finished.

If you need help maning the booth let me know, I can probably come down.


Matthias Warkus wrote:

> We need promotional material for the GNOME booth at LinuxTag 2000.
> This is the largest Linux show in Europe, after all.
> And it's urgent. I would like to have all the material at hand here in
> Germany by June 1st so I've got the rest of the month to organise.
> We need:
> - GNOME T-shirts (20+)
> - GNOME posters (enough to decorate the booth, a dozen maybe)
> - Glossy GNOME leaflets (1000 maybe)
> - GNOME CDs (if possible)
> - GNOME stickers (thousands)
> - ...
> If some supporting corporation (Red Hat? Helix?) can provide this
> material, fine. If not, we need money by some GNOME sponsor to have
> posters, leaflets etc. printed. If we get surplus money, we can have
> other merchandise produced: GNOME biros, GNOME rubbers, GNOME pocket
> protectors, whatever you want. :)
> If anyone decides to give money for the booth, do so at once,
> because having all this stuff made will take time. I'll have a bank
> account set up in that case.
> Should any of the merchandise go unused, it can be reused at any other
> show where GNOME has got a booth, so give freely. <grin>
> If anyone of you knows any company in Germany that would be interested
> in sponsoring our booth, please give me pointers. We need to get in
> gear ASAP.
> Thanks,
> mawa
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