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On 3/18/00, 4:37:29 PM, Jamin Philip Gray <> wrote
regarding Re: Helix Gnome Observations... :

> > One other request for the menu panels. I also would like to see it be
> > moveable to the for edges of the screen like the rest of the panels.

> Really, my first thought is, why not have the menu panel be a regular
> panel?  It could be a panel in "tiny" mode with menus added.  Then you
> could customize it like any other panel
> the Subject.

Actually, I believe its a lot like that now.  I've been adding timy
launchers and applets to it and it looks great.  Apparently you can't
make it a "sliding" type or a "floating" type pane,%
l, though.  Perhaps
this is what you meant?

By the way, has anyone noticed that if you click on the clock, you get
a menu which allows you to check your calendar?  Nice idea.  I wish
the  organizer were better, though :(  I launch nearly all documents
from tasks in the star office PIM and its pretty GNOME unfreindly.
But I just can't get away from it.  Its a great organizer and the
GNOME (and KDE) version just doesn't cut it, yet.  Man I hope
Evolution will be good.  It would solve so many problems.


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