gnome-smproxy delay


I've been trying to figure this one out for quite a while, and I wonder 
if someone on this list could possibly help me out. When I start up 
gnome-session, gnome-smproxy stalls for about 30 seconds and then gnome 
continues normally. I straced it and it appears that it's waiting on a 
select() on a socket attached to /tmp/.X11-unix/X0. I looked at the code 

and it appears to me that it coming from this section of main() in 

    for (i = 0; i < ScreenCount (disp); i++)
        Window root = RootWindow (disp, i);
        XSelectInput (disp, root, SubstructureNotifyMask | 
        CheckForExistingWindows (root);

but I'm not totally sure about that; all I have is the system calls from 

strace to go by. The select() doesn't time out or anything, it just 
takes 30 seconds and then continues normally.

I compiled the latest stable gnome sources under redhat 6.1, and am 
running XFree 4.0 and sawmill. The same thing exhibits itself under 
Window Maker, so it's probably not window manager related.

I seem to remember that in Redhat 6.0 xwindows would take a while to 
start up, but they fixed it later.

Has anybody seen this? Thanks..

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