On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 07:47:04AM -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>    I would like to thank specially Mathieu for all the effort he put
> into making GUADEC happen and to all of the organizers that helped him
> make it happen.  Everyone was extremely satisfied with the
> conference. 

  Yep we owe him and the organizers a lot !
  Kudos to the GUADEC team !!!

>    All in all, it seemed like everyone had a great time.  As a side
> effect, I heard more than one expressing his desire to move to Paris
> (and that does not count me nor Nat;  We keep the right of being the
> first ones to come up with the idea).

  Well I would beg to disagree, Paris is Okay for hollidays, but one would
have hard time to try to convince me to work there :-)

>    Andy demoed for the first time Nautilus (the GNOME 2.0 shell), and
> got the crowd excited about making GNOME the best platform for end
> users, and various people were very interested in hacking various
> plug-ins for Nautilus to make free software the best choice for end
> users.

  Yep this was impressive! Even a command line addict like me envisionned
being able to work better/faster with a graphical shell for the first time.

> Hopefully we will see those pictures soon.  And I learned that taking
> french expresso coffee at 2am was *not* a good idea.  Not good.  Do
> not do it. Just go for the tea.

  Remember, your canonical ennemy at 2am is caffeine. It may disguise as
expresso, caffeinated mints or take another form at next expo :-)


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