Re: terminal feature request

>A while ago, I brought up haveing the gnome terminal support tabs. After
>listening to the MDI discussion, I came up with a very cool idea. Have the
>gnome terminal use MDI. That way, you can group terminals in tabs,
>windows, or, if the wiwMDI makes it in, it will even support it. Good
>idea? Bad idea? Comments?

Similar project already exists, search PowerShell in Software Map or maybe
Freshmeat. It is cool when you have limited space, and you can jump from one
to another with Control + number. Still a bit buggy (resize problems) and
needs some more features, like better title tabs (it just cuts text, argh!).

What all these Gnome Terminals really need is a fast way to change fonts,
like nxterm or eterm, a menu where you have some slots (Default, Alternative
Font 1 ... X, for example 6 alternative ones). Currently, in the cases where
you need to change sizes, it is a pain, and I use nxterm mostly of times due
this. IIRC this has been already reported as wish.


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