Re: Helix Gnome Observations...

> > * GTK theming is FUBAR.  Only certain widgets such as menus are
> > affected by a theme change.  This behaviour is very strange and
> > wholly undesirable.
> I haven't noticed this at all... EVERYTHING changes when I change themes.

This may be an issue having to do with my GTK themes that I had
previously installed.  They worked great with October Gnome, but
with Helix I'm having some problems.

> > * The gnome menu is very slow because it always reads from disk.  I
> > heard this was recently fixed in CVS.  If so, sweet...
> You can change this behaviour now, I believe (well, with gnome-core-1.1.5
> you can, I dunno about the gnome-core-1.0.x series).

I have not been able to fix this in 1.1.5 (the Helix release).  The
"keep menu items in memory" option doesn't work.  I seem to
remember someone fixing that recently in CVS though, so I have no

Jamin Philip Gray

Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code.
        -- Dave Olson

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