Re: Helix Gnome Observations...

Jamin Philip Gray wrote:

> I've been doing some testing of the latest Helix Gnome RPMs.  Here
> are some of my bus/undesirable behaviours that I discovered:
> * Sometimes dragging a launcher from the panel to the desktop fails.
> It creates a generic icon that won't launch the application.
> * Dragging a KDE launcher from the menu to desktop fails similarly.
> * In short, the way that gmc handles dragging launchers onto the
> desktop seems less than elegant.

gmc is going to be completely replaced eventually (as in soon, but not too
soon, making that a sometime after now but before much later).

> * Applicatations such as gnome-cal and gnome-iconedit are very slow
> at redrawing themselves compared to previous gnome-releases or KDE
> counterparts.  If, for example, you change views from the daily view
> to the monthly or yearly view in gnome-cal, there is a significant
> delay while it draws it.

acknowledged there, lots of gnome apps seem slow to draw... especially ones
like gedit.

> * GTK theming is FUBAR.  Only certain widgets such as menus are
> affected by a theme change.  This behaviour is very strange and
> wholly undesirable.

I haven't noticed this at all... EVERYTHING changes when I change themes.

> * The gnome menu is very slow because it always reads from disk.  I
> heard this was recently fixed in CVS.  If so, sweet...

You can change this behaviour now, I believe (well, with gnome-core-1.1.5
you can, I dunno about the gnome-core-1.0.x series).

> * It would be nice to be able to get rid of the bar on the side of
> applets such as the tasklist.  I understand its purpose, but I don't
> find it very attractive.

Agreed.  Never use the dumb thing.  ;-)

> * The tasklist doesn't display proper icons.  The tasklist's
> behaviour is completely non-standard.  Compare it to KDE for
> example.  It would be deliciously pleasing to be able to see the
> applications' icons in the tasklist.  I don't know if this is a
> tasklist issue or a window manager issue or both.  All I know is
> that I've never seen the app's icon in the tasklist and I've used
> gnome with several window managers and I've viewed hundreds of
> screenshots of others' gnome desktops.

Hmm, SOME apps do show icons.  Like Everybuddy.  I've noticed how most
don't though.. rather irritating.  It also seems a few window managers
(such as sawmill) never show applications icons, either.

> Now for the good parts:
> I love the resizable panels.  They're just plain sweet.  I also find
> the other panel improvements excellent.  The new ways of configuring
> what appears in the menus was a great improvement.  The new icons
> that have been added are beautiful.  I love where gnome is going....
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