Re: Helix Gnome Observations...

I am experienceing the themeing problem too. It seems that that
purple/dark gray gtk theme is forceing itself ontop of what ever theme
you select. I selected thinice, and the scrollbars and stuff are thin ice,
but the color of the widgets are dark gray, and the selection color is

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, Jamin Philip Gray wrote:

> > > * GTK theming is FUBAR.  Only certain widgets such as menus are
> > > affected by a theme change.  This behaviour is very strange and
> > > wholly undesirable.
> > 
> > I haven't noticed this at all... EVERYTHING changes when I change themes.
> This may be an issue having to do with my GTK themes that I had
> previously installed.  They worked great with October Gnome, but
> with Helix I'm having some problems.
> > > * The gnome menu is very slow because it always reads from disk.  I
> > > heard this was recently fixed in CVS.  If so, sweet...
> > 
> > You can change this behaviour now, I believe (well, with gnome-core-1.1.5
> > you can, I dunno about the gnome-core-1.0.x series).
> I have not been able to fix this in 1.1.5 (the Helix release).  The
> "keep menu items in memory" option doesn't work.  I seem to
> remember someone fixing that recently in CVS though, so I have no
> fear.
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