RE: Xfree86 RPM

> > From: []
> > Would you care to expand?  I know that, based on the 
> documents on the
> > xfree site, you have to create a completely new configuration
> > file.  Did
> > you do this?  Was it that different?
> Pretty different. More modular. I used the xconfiguration 
> (from the RPM's)
> program to make new ones, but very readable IMHO. My problem 
> was that it
> would bomb instantly upon being called with no meaningful 
> error messages. I
> tried the Matrox and SVGA drivers in two computers, one with 
> a Matrox G200
> and other with a ATI rage pro - which it says it's unsupported(? - the
> website says it is).

I recall the web site said it was supported but as unaccelerated.

> Again, Mandrake makes a point of being on the edge at some 
> sacrifice of
> stability (IMHO). I frequently use their RPM's first then 
> move to RedHat
> when available. In fairness, "Cooker" is an unstable branch...
> Z
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