RE: Xfree86 RPM

> From: []

> Would you care to expand?  I know that, based on the documents on the
> xfree site, you have to create a completely new configuration
> file.  Did
> you do this?  Was it that different?

Pretty different. More modular. I used the xconfiguration (from the RPM's)
program to make new ones, but very readable IMHO. My problem was that it
would bomb instantly upon being called with no meaningful error messages. I
tried the Matrox and SVGA drivers in two computers, one with a Matrox G200
and other with a ATI rage pro - which it says it's unsupported(? - the
website says it is).

Again, Mandrake makes a point of being on the edge at some sacrifice of
stability (IMHO). I frequently use their RPM's first then move to RedHat
when available. In fairness, "Cooker" is an unstable branch...


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