Re: best window manager

I believe the correct way to do it is to run gnome-session.  Then to
switch window managers, go to the gnome control center, under the
Window Manager settings.  If the Window manager you want isn't in
the list, you can add it.  Might I suggest giving Sawmill a whirl if
you're looking for a window manager that's faster than
Enlightenment, but very attractive and feature-filled?

> I have been messing with a fresh upgrade/install of FreeBSD with a recent
> Gnome set and want to figure a better window manager set.  I am using
> enlightenment, but that is a bit sluggist and unwieldy at times.  I use to
> use Windowmaker but I am not sure how I would run gnome with that.  Can I
> just put this in my .xinitrc file?
> .xinitrc:
> #--
> panel
> exec wmaker
> #--
> What if I use Black Box?
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