Re: making the startup wait

Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
: On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 04:32:53PM -0500, Adrian Hosey wrote:
: > 
: > If I have some programs that I put into the startup from "Startup
: > Programs" is there a way to tell gnome-session to _wait_ until one of them
: > is finished before proceeding? I need to have gnome-session wait until
: > ssh-add is done before it starts opening all my terminal windows to remote
: > machines - otherwise the ssh key isn't there and the connections don't get
: > completed.
: prog1 && prog2 && ...
: (NB: I haven't tried this, so if there's some reason it doesn't work
: in the startup list, you can always make a script whose contents are
: the above as a work-around.)

This isn't really an option because gnome-session is starting all the
gnome-terminals, which are session-managed. Additionally I've told
gnome-session to start ssh-add at a very high priority (05) but what
happens is that gnome-session throws up ssh-add and then continues to
launch all the gnome-terminals in the background while I am typing my
passphrase. If I'm fast I can squeeze in the passphrase but if I make a
typo forget it.

So what is needed is a way to tell gnome-session "starting launching stuff
but when you get to this program, wait for it to finish."

If you wanted to get really sophisicated you could make a dependency graph
but that's probably overkill. ;-)

I think you could do this in .xsession:

eval `ssh-agent`

but I'd like to do it from inside the GNOME framework if possible. 

    - A

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