info on $HOME/.gnome configuration files Please ? (2)

As I didn't see my question on the list, I resend it.
I didn't find any answer to these questions
(faq, mailing list, system help, man)

1) where I can find information on users's config gnome files format
( the files that are in $HOME/.gnome* )

2) especially, where I can find information on
$HOME/.gnome/panel.d/default files

3) what are the other possibilities, I can find under
$HOME/.gnome/panel.d ?
Is it related to $LANG ?
the default is the default of what ?

4) If you create icons in your panel under a given $LANG (say en_US) and
you change it to an other (say fr), the next time you log in, you loose
every launcher icon created under en_US.
Someone has already solved this problem ?

to the developpers :
5) why some parameters in file under $HOME/.gnome/panel.d refer to
the absolute path of the home directory ? It's stupid. Use the $HOME
variable !!!

I will enjoy if someone can say me where I can find decent man pages
on gnome (mainly interested in section 4 and 8)

I will enjoy for any information on this subject.
thank you for any help or pointer


I have to install different given environnement for 300 users depending
on the group they are working in.
For each group, I have a template user and I generate an environnement
under this user. and the idea was to copy this environnement under the
user $HOME/.gnome.
When I log in under a real user, many icons are missing.
a) I notice that under the home directory, many informations are stored
   using the absolute path of the user's home directory. (I made a
   to update it depending of the user).
b) I notice that the LANG variable is important for some parameters in
   these files.
c) I notice that if a user change his login shell, he looses too all
   the launch icon in the panel (not the drawers icon)
d) Add an icon in the panel and browse for an icon. Suppose your icon
   directory is mounted via nfs on /mount/machine/gnu/windowker.. and
you have
   a symlink from /opt/gnu --> /mount/machine/gnu
   You can browse through /opt/gnu, it's always /mount/machine/gnu that
   stored in the gnome config file !
   This means, I can't change the mount point or need to write a script
   change all the file permanently via crontab : that's crazy !
I like gnome, really on a user point of view.
But as a sysadm i think it is developped in a windowish
mind ! (I'm alone on my machine, I install everything on my machine, I
have no
file server, and if we are 200 with the same problem, each of us solve
its one)

using gnome 1.0.53, solaris 5.6 on sparc
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