Re: sawmill configuration prblm => resizing and moving windows

> You can do LOTS of comfortable bindings, just try, read what's available in
> that Bindings section, and you will never want another windowmanager.
In case there are people who did not try Sawmill, I'd second the
emphasis here.  It is highly configurable. I've redone many
configuration options to work like WindowMaker, including the alt-resize
thing. I don't use Sawmill because it does not (neither does gnome)
support workspace-specific backgrounds and a few other features found in
WindowMaker and Enlightenment (send window to workspace n, etc).  At the
rate it improves, Sawmill will probably do these things someday.  

Its a minus for Sawmill that, in order to be a "power user", you have to
be a Lisp afficionado. For me, that's a downer.  You don't need Lisp to
find your way through configuraiton of WindowMaker or Enlightnment...

I used the Sawmill gui config tool to generate most of the settings I
wanted.  If you want, I think you can just copy these into your
.sawmillrc to see what they do.  The Button1-A-Click1 means use the Alt
key, with button 1, and then you click 1 time, it will move-window
interactively. I've got Alt-Button3 with move window interactively. 
These are fun to explore. 

(custom-set-keymap (quote title-keymap) (quote (keymap
(popup-window-menu . "Button3-Click1") (move-window-interactively .
"Button1-Move") (toggle-window-shaded . "Button1-Click2")
(resize-window-interactively . "Button2-Move") (raise-lower-window .
(custom-set-keymap (quote window-keymap) (quote (keymap
(resize-window-interactively . "Button3-A-Click1")
(move-window-interactively . "Button1-A-Click1")
(move-window-interactively . "Button1-M-Click1") (popup-window-menu .
"Button2-M-Click1") (raise-lower-window . "Button3-M-Click1")
(send-to-next-workspace . "C-M-Right") (send-to-previous-workspace .
"C-M-Left") (lower-window . "C-M-Down") (raise-window . "C-M-Up"))))
(custom-set-variable (quote move-resize-raise-window) (quote t))

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Dept. of Political Science
University of Kansas           		Office: (785) 864-9086
Lawrence, Kansas 66045         		FAX: (785) 864-5700

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