Re: sawmill configuration prblm => resizing and moving windows

Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 08:55:16PM +0100 Olaf Grüttner wrote:
> I would like to move and resize windows just like in enlightenment or
> with the kwm window manager.
> In enlightenment you can move a window by dragging the top border or
> by holding down the alt-key and dragging from anywhere inside of the
> window.
> Same with resizing. Either the borders or with the Alt-Key and the
> middle mouse button.
> I am sure this feature is included in sawmill, but I didn´ t find it
> so far.

yes, it is included, as lots more of features. You can change lots of
shortcuts for mouse and keyboard in sawmill. In the Gnome Control Center or
Sawmill Configurator (sawmill-ui), choose Bindings...

Than in Keymaps section choose Window, add a new binding, push Grab Key...,
then press Alt and Left mouse button. There appears Button1-M-Click1 in a
text box, you should change Click1 with Move so that it became
Button1-M-Move (not a intuitive way of configuring :). In the Command list
choose "Move window interactively". Try, this works.

With resizing the same way, just select middle button (Button2) and resize.
To resize/move by dragging a border, just select "border" keymaps list, and
doing the same steps as above.

You can do LOTS of comfortable bindings, just try, read what's available in
that Bindings section, and you will never want another windowmanager.

                        menESIs        (Gediminas Paulauskas)

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