RE: Trash Can in Naughtilus?

> > 
> > How about "Rubbish Heap". (or maybe "Compost Heap") The 
> heap could grow as
> > you throw stuff onto it. :) 
> So you are going for a naming contest?
> composter,
> dumpster,
> tower of evil files,
> cookie monster,
> black hole,

Vacumn cleaner,
Repository of unwanted items,
The Warp,
The Pit,
ANTC (ANTC is Not a Trash Can)
Circular filing cabinet (although there's will be some who won't get the

There was a GREAT mac utility that had Oscar the grouch come out of the
can and complain when things were added to the trash. Copyrighters kill it
though. But maybe we could have a gnome or a penguin come out?

I definitely think there should be an option to have it delete files
(not the default). In which case "The Shedder" is perfect.

> ...  :))
> olaf
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