Re: GNOME on slow machines

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egory Leblanc writes:

>I'll admit that this is an exceptional machine, but it seems that it might
>be better handled.  I installed RedHat 6.2 SPARC on my SPARC station 2, and
>fired up X11/GNOME.  On starting, it asked me several times whether or not I
>wanted to kill the panel and/or gmc, because it thought that they were "not
>responding".  I told it to "cancel", and after a couple of tries, these
>programs did finish starting enough that the message went away.  It seems to
>me that there should be some way for GNOME to tell whether a program is
>still waiting on processor time, or whether it's actually crashed.  This
>machine is running a 7200RPM SCSI disk, and has 64MB of ram, so processor is
>the slow point.  Later,

Ditto for an old laptop that I use.  The session is slow to start but once
everything has started, things are usable.  I don't think it's so great that
every platform running GNOME has the same timeout, from lowly Pentium 75's with
16 megs to dual Pentium III's with gobs of memory and beyond.


John GOTTS <>

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