Odd behavior in gmc -- it displays files on the wrong computer

I'm using the Gnome setup that comes with RedHat 6.2 -- Gnome gmc

I have a gnome session running on the machine at my desk, but I do
most of my work on a remote system.  On that remote system, I'm
running Emacs, and naturally I have told Emacs to use the X server on
my local machine.

I wanted to use gmc to browse files on the remote machine, so in an
Emacs shell I typed `gmc &'.  Sure enough, a Gnome File Viewer window
appeared.  However, the files that were visible in the window were the
files on my *local* machine, not the *remote* ones -- and it was the
remote ones that I was interested in.

It's as if gmc didn't really start a full-blown program, but instead
merely discovered that I was already running a gnome-session on my
local machine, and assumed that I wanted to look at its files, and
therefore sent a command to some process on my local machine, which
told it to open a Gnome File Viewer window.

This isn't what I wanted, though; I really wanted to look at the files
on the remote machine.

I couldn't figure out how to get it to do what I want, even though I
looked at the command-line options (by typing `gmc --help') and
looking through the on-line manual.

Does anyone know a way to get gmc to do what I want?

Please respond directly to me, as I am not on this mailing list.


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