Re: make gnome listen on localhost:*

> All we want is a safe default and a panel applet which does
> the equivalent of:
> dialog --yesno "ADVANCED: Allow communication with\nremote desktops" \
>         15 50 && echo ORBIIOPIPv4=1 >>.orbitrc

Although the above solution would work I think this setting should be
more specific. Modifying .orbitrc will effect all apps that use ORBit
whether they are GNOME related or not. ORBit is not specific to GNOME. A
GNOME control center option that effects all ORBit apps is just wrong.

I can just imagine how often "Why won't ORBit helloworld() work over the
network" will appear on the ORBit mailing lists if this is implemented
this way.

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