Re: make gnome listen on localhost:*

Fundamentally, you have to get things secure in the first place....
Putting your head in the sand and disabling network access will just
delay your trouble.

I don't know about you, but I run a network even at home, and it is
clear that this is becoming common.  Even my PDA goes on the net, and I
may run applications on it (using my machine with big screen for display).
Any claim that most people don't use the net isn't born out by wandering
around a university, for example.

So while people may think that people don't run remote applications due
to the habits ingrained due to PC's, you will be doing so very frequently
very, very soon.

Gnome should be following X's original vision, that of being able to run
applications wherever is appropriate, with the display in front of you.
The missing piece has been remote invocation of the applications (at least
more than you get with rsh and/or ssh), which is what Gnome is using
Corba for (along with interface specification). And with the government relaxing
on strong crypto at last, we can get this done right (only 15 years later
than I wish we'd been able to, sigh...).

So I believe the solution is do solve the problem right this time, not
ducking the problem... Somehow I don't think I want to explain to a naive
end user that he has to much with his second machine in some magic way
to get "the right thing" to happen...
					- Jim

Jim Gettys
Technology and Corporate Development
Compaq Computer Corporation

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