Re: make gnome listen on localhost:*

Derek Simkowiak wrote:
> -> > > As Gnome becomes more popular on desktops with permanent network
> -> > > connections, you can be sure that this will become a popular breakin
> -> > > route.
> -> >
> -> > So unplug it from the network - there are plenty of other more interesting
> -> > network services to choose from if you want to break in.
>         Maybe it's just me, but this statement seems incredibly dangerous
> and ignorant.  I read that as "Why should we secure Orbit, there are
> plenty of other things people can use to break in."  (?!)

My primary concern is that I use Linux for my primary work environment
from home.   I do have a firewall, about to replace it with a
bastion/choke combination.  But, I can not afford to have my company
hardware compromised.

>         I agree about the less technically minded folks.  I think the
> Gnome target audience includes people from the I-Mac target audience.
> "Firewall? TCP?  Wrappers?  Install something?  What does that mean?"

I don't care what hardware/OS you're running, with the onset of 'always
on' technologies (*DSL), you're going to have to run some kind of
firewall, whether you're a geek or not.

Until later: Geoffrey

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