Re: helix-gonme 1.2 - very nice but what about browsers?

zaikxtox wrote:
> Dear gnome comunity:
> I have looked that nice screamshots that have a link
> on and i have seen a nice ms-outlook
> clone, a nice ms-word clone, a nice ms-excel clone,
> and into the site a nice ms-vbasic
> clone.
> Well... here is the question... is there some effort
> on making a good ms-iexplorer/aol-netscape clone? that
> would be, in my opinion, really a great advance for
> the GNU comunity.
> Thanks.
> ivan/zaikxtox

On a related note:  is anyone working on a MS Powerpoint /
presentation software package?  The only one I find being developed is
KPresents, part of KOffice.  Unfortunately, the PHBs love
presentations (and they do come in usefull sometimes).  I'm willing to
test, but I'm fairly certain I don't have the skills currently to
build this.  

jeff smith
thought for the day:  The District of Columbia has a law forbidding
you to exert pressure on
a balloon and thereby cause a whistling sound on the streets.

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