Re: Password for shutdown... (2000-07-25 at 1654.03 +0200):
> What exactly is the point of the annoying password issue?

Allow users to shutdown your machine slower... one of mine did, cos
none of both systems follow the basics of other traditional systems
(like the /etc/shutdown.allow file). You can remove it, by removing
links in /usr/bin. Sorry, I do not have the exact config in home
machine, it is at Univ.

The GDM login screen options can be removed in the gdm.conf file. The
serious way to handle it when you want limits is no option in GDM,
password when login out. Or not allowed in both cases (when you want
only some people to shutdown) and use the shutdown.allow so famous
ctrl+alt+del combo works when you have a local login. Also remember to
kill SysRq if running Linux.

The no GDM, no logout, only shutdown.allow method is way better if you
ask me, cos trained users can get to a text console quite fast, login
there (so you avoid X problems) and hit the combo (maybe even without
monitor). Then only problem is if they keep an account open (vlock or
anything like that), cos then any user can shutdown (minor problem if
users try to use machine one at a time, not all at the same time).


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