Re: removing all panels

>> On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 02:36:58PM -0800, Czarina Caro L. Tablante
1995-24644 wrote:
>> > shouldn't have access to run any other application aside from the >>
>Better yet, if ALL you is netscape (nothing else), perhaps adding an entry
>for Netscape
>to your login types (/etc/X11/gdm if you're using GDM) that starts X with
>of the WM's that come with MDK 7.1 to suit your purposes.

What I would do is to create a config with only a WM. This WM must only have
the basic config for moving, resizing and such, and a Netscape launcher,
maybe a xterm with telnet for admin tasks, so if you kill telnet it dies.
That is the way we have some IBM X-Terminals ate Univ Library (with the
problem of missing Netscape launcher, so if you kill it, an admin must come
to launch it... stupid). I would try with FVWM2.

With GNOME... maybe killing panel, gmc and saving session, in the control
center. Never tried. I you manage to get a kiosk machine with GNOME, tell us.


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