Re: email and newsreaders

On 14 Jul 2000, at 17:09, Maher Awamy wrote:

> >  1 Copy text from the message reader to the clipboard
> >  5 Imap

> >  pronto 1 5 (Address book is not that good)
> Just a correction, Pronto does support copy and paste - just XmHTML does not
> and we offer lots of alternatives, built in GtkText, GtkHTML and CSCHtml and
> when Mozilla GtkEmbed becomes stable enough, I'll support that too :)

Well, I tried the rpm and even unchecking "Use html widget" didn't 
help. Now I fetched the source and the only way seems to uninstall 
all other widget's?!
But then I only read INSTALL and the Makefile...

Clipoard support makes pronto my gnome alternative to kmail, 

  Tobias Weber

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