Re: deleted files...

As far as Gnome is concerned: If you create a directory 'Trash'
on your Gnome desktop gmc will recognize it and offers
'Move to Trash' in file context menus (click RMB on file).


"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:
> >I was wondering what happens to files in linux when you delete them.  I know
> They are deleted! ;]
> in
> >windows they go to the trash and then you empty it... but you can still get
> them
> >back with certain programs.  Is there a program in linux that will try to
> >recover deleted files??  Also is there any program that defrags the drive
> or finds
> >unnecessary files etc...
> Linux current filesystem does not need defrag (normally, but there is a tool
> if you want). On the other hand, there are project to have the thrash
> feature, so you could get you files back... but not currently.
> There has been some talk in the GNOME-GUI list about trash bins and such,
> and it seem that some kind will be implemented (OS independant, I suppose).
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