GNOME logs me out unexpectedly


Something else that's bizarre:

When I run GNOME for a relatively long time the screen will
occasionally turn a funky combination of colors and then either: 

a) log me out  
b) reboot the system
c) hang

All this after the funky colors appear on my screen.

I do nothing to provoke this behaviour and it is unpredicatable. Flip a
three sided coin to guess whether a, b or c will happen.

I'm running Redhat 6.2, but my X-server is from XiG graphics, because
RedHat doesn't support my card yet (ATI Rage Fury Pro). I noticed that
this started happening when I was stupid enough to run the "refresh
desktop" program from the KDE menu. Does this have something to do with
it? Or do you think it just a weird X-server bug?

Does anyone else have a similar problem or am I all by my lonesome? Just

Thanks all,

Desmond Rivet
Eng Sci 0T0 + PEY

   You live and learn, or you don't live long

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