Re: GNOME logs me out unexpectedly

On  5 Jul, Desmond Rivet wrote:
> Hi,
> Something else that's bizarre:
> When I run GNOME for a relatively long time the screen will
> occasionally turn a funky combination of colors and then either: 
> a) log me out  
> b) reboot the system
> c) hang
> All this after the funky colors appear on my screen.

No funky colors, but yes, I have experienced all three types of "hangs".

FWIW, although I'm using XF86-4.0, I've got an S3Virge card. According
to the XF86 docs, the v4.0 S3V driver should be just as stable as the
v3.3.x driver, since it was a direct port.

Given the other reports that seem to indicate that this has more to do
with GNOME than X--and given that I had the problems starting with the
1.1 prereleases of GNOME while still using XF86-3.3.x, I'm really
starting to lean toward this being a primarily GNOME 1.2 issue--even if
it's just a really weird GNOME/X interaction.

Let's see if we can find any more common denominators: I don't use
gdm--I log in at a text console and startx. My .xinitrc calls
gnome-session, but I've removed gmc entirely--no desktop icons, no file
manager. I have 3 panels: the menu panel, an icon/launcher panel on the
right edge, and an auto-hide taskbar panel on the bottom. I tend to use
a combination of rxvts and gnome-terminals. I use several tcl/tk apps,
especially TkRat and FileRunner. I've also got GKrellM running (and the
Bubble Load Monitor). I'm currently at sawfish 0.28.1 (only because I'm
about to upgrade to Slack 7.1 before I recompile sawfish). I'm using Pan
and tin for Usenet; Lynx & Netscape for WWW.

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